Tablescape and Decor Essentials


Need a Box, Mailbox, Chest or Card Container?

Table and Decor Essentials are a unique set of extra “one of a kind” items we think you will love.

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Card Boxes from $12.99.


3 Tier Donut, Cupcake, Cookie or Sweets and Treats Pearl Tower. Neutral colors with gold and pearl accents.  $32.

Impressive one of a kind and in the new square format!

Party Supply Wedding Rentals        Donut or Cupcake Tower


Presentation Plank for display of your amazing desserts, greenery, wine, crackers and cheese

and other items of interest. End wedge lifts are made from an old log home with

square nails last used in 1890. Age of ash tree at least 250 years old putting these ash wood

“end wedges” at a seedling, circa 1620-1650 when the Knights Templar sailed the seas. $ 15.


Here it is…A Presentation Block $10. of this historic wood from above noted  ash tree.

Seedling circa 1620- 1650. Use it as your live edge centre block to raise and hilight

your fav item on your Presentation Plank. 


2 Tier 17 CENTURY Ancient Ash Wood Tower  for your tasty food items!

Use it for a charcuterie board, some sweets and treats like donuts, cookies, cup cakes, or any other favorites.  $28.

Cupcake Stand


It’s here……our Golden/Brass 3 Tier Tower for presentation of your favourite treats and sweets. $38.

A one of a kind statement piece.

 Sweets and Treats 3 tier tower .

Cylinder Vases
6″ = $3 ea.
8″ = $4 ea.
11″ = $5 ea.
set of 3 = $8

Glass Bowls – $3 ea.
5″ x 6″


Photo Frame (does not include flowers or chairs) $150. plus delivery, set up and pick up in Stratford $30.

Comes with 1/2 dozen props for fun photography opportunities or bring your own props and get creative. After all smiles is what it’s all about for your family and friends. Capture them on this special day!!!

One of a kind idea and fresh for your wedding.

Includes a low step up bench for a complete picture of your family and friend photos.


Party Supply Wedding Rentals

2 tone Early American Pine Podium $48. 

200 Year Old Douglas Fir trimmed Barn Beam Podium $48.

Douglas Fir Backdrop and Podium


Podium Early American Pine Rental Party Supply Co

Ivory Lanterns come in 3 sizes from short to tall.

14″  –  35″  $4.50 ea.

Lantern sizes rental Party Supply Co.



Choose from full size  height to Luminaries to light your way to any special place at your event.



Maple Branch Candle Holders or Table Numbers. Different sizes for that outdoor natural look. $7. (set 3) does not include candles or card stock numbers.

8' table with a twist on your basic theme.


Oak Barrel $40. ea

Makes a fab Cruiser Table, add a 4′ harvest table topper for just $15 more or

rent several Barrels to indicate a special reception or gathering area. Rent 2 barrels and include our 8′ table top for a stand alone buffet table $98.

Party Supply Wedding Rentals


Sheer Backdrop

Elegant and simple DIY set up with vertical pole and horizontal rail

8′ – $110 (includes 5 sheer panels) ($50 frame only no sheer)

16′ – $220 (includes 10 sheer panels) ($100 frame only no sheer)

24′ – $330 (includes 15 sheer panels) ($150 frame only no sheer)

*Sheer colour options are white or black (limited)*


Party Supply Wedding Rentals

Elegant  Simplicity Backdrop with vertical pole and horizontal rail. Rental $100.  (see above picture)

Includes easy snap and click stands, 2 vertical poles, horizontal rod and sheer and 1 set of Edison lights.

Literally a 10 minute set up….

(Does not include floral)


Same sheer backdrop with 4 bases, 4 vertical poles and horizontal rails to make an instant Dance Floor.  $350. Just add the Edison lights for spectacular!

Dance Floor Canopy

Does not include head table sheer backdrop.


Douglas Fir (circa 17oo’s) Backdrop with Edison Bulbs $200.

Does not include head table or sheer.

Party Supply Wedding Rentals


Candle Sticks pair with Globes  $ 40 pr.

(Does not include candle)

Candle Sticks Wedding or party item


Wrought Iron Stands 30″ H X 8″X 8″










Quantity 1- 2 @ $17 ea.   Quantity 3-8  $15 ea.   Quantity 9-15 $13 ea.

  Quantity 16 plus  $11 ea.



Wrought Iron Cruiser or items of interest Table Stands 48″ H X 14″X 14″  $22. ea.

Wrought Iron 48" Stand Party Supply Co

Party Supply Weddings









**Prices Subject to Change**