Balloons, Delivery & Helium Rental



Now offering Free balloon deliveries within Stratford on a minimum order of $20 (before tax).

April through September only.

Tuesdays and Fridays between 4 pm – 6 pm.


Stratford Regular Delivery Rate  –  $ 18.

(Maximum 3 Bouquets OR 18 Balloons)

Larger orders please call 519.273.4353 for a Delivery Quote!!

*Delivery fees will apply to orders outside of Stratford and or larger than 18 Balloons**

We guarantee next day with our balloon float times and most often they will float longer giving you 3-4 days of enjoyment.

They are hassle Free, tangle Free, stress Free, delivered Free!


Check one more thing off your to do list by letting the experts at Party Supply prepare and deliver your order right to your door.

We can also bring your colored plates, cups, napkins, plastic cutlery and table covers with your balloon order.

20 colors available!

See below for color options.



When ordering plates, cups, napkins, plastic cutlery and Table covers please mention the color code seen below.

Please call the store for pricing and availability.

Row #1: White .08, Vanilla .57, Pastel Blue .108, Caribbean .54, True Navy .343

Row #2: Silver .18, Light Yellow .13, Yellow Sunshine .09, Kiwi .53, Festive Green .03

Row #3: Gold .19, Magenta .61, New Pink .109, Apple Red .40, Orange Peel .05

Row #4: Jet Black .10, Lavender .04, Purple .25, Berry .27, Chocolate Brown .111

The above colors are available in the following products:

Beverage Napkin (2 ply) – 10″ x 10″

Luncheon Napkin (2 ply) – 13″ x 13″

Dinner Napkin (2ply) – 15 3/4″ x 15 3/4″

Paper plate 7″

Dinner plate 9″

Paper Cup 9 oz.

Assorted Plastic Cutlery packs (24 pk., 8 Spoons, 8 Forks, 8 Knives)

Plastic Table Cover Rectangle

Plastic Table Cover Round

Plastic Table Cover Rolls 100′ or 250′

*Product color and availability is subject to change* 



We are now offering bouquets of 6 standard-size foil balloons for only $25.99 (+tax)!
Includes: 3 printed 18″ foil balloons, 3 plain-coloured stars, circles, or hearts, and a balloon weight!
Choose from any of our standard balloon options!


 There are 2 basic categories of balloons.

Foil (commonly called Mylar) and Latex.

Subdivide those categories into special shape foils and numeral foils.

In the latex section our standard 11″ to a large 40″ balloon.

Balloons have large impact and very big appeal for all ages.

See the Gallery up to your left.


Premium Chrome Latex Balloons are the New Hit! 

These balloons provide a rich, stunning and premium look for regular cost!

In stock and ready for you to order Today!

Available in: Rose Gold, Black, Silver, Purple, Gold, Pink and Blue


Super Shape Number Foils = $12.99 each.
Standard Foils = $4.95 each.

Plain Latex = $1.85 each.
Pearl Latex = $1.95 each.
Print/Chrome Latex = $2.15 each.

**Prices Subject to Change**


Standard Table Top Bouquet – $15.99

*styles may vary based off stock availability*

1. Spring Tulips – Approx. H 23″ x W 24″

2. Bridal Shower Greenery – Approx. H 23″ x W 24″ 

3. Hoo Hoo Owl – Approx. H 30″ x W 24″


Boy or Girl? Gender Reveal
Approx. H 23″ x W 24″


Deluxe Table Top Bouquet – $23.95

*styles may vary based off stock availability*

1. Rose/Gold #2 –  Approx. H 45″ x W 29″

2. Jurassic Dinosaur – Approx. H 36″ x W 32″


       1. Ocean Mermaid – Approx. H 36″ x W 38″ 

2. Magestic Unicorn – Approx. H 45″ x W 29″

3. Whimsical Birthday Cake – Approx. H 48″ x W 27″


1. Ballpark  Hot Dog – Approx. H 30″ x W 30″

2. Rose Gold Engagement Ring – Approx. H 41″ x W 24″

3. Happy Birthday Presents – Approx. H 35″ x W 39″


Wedding Bouquets


We are the leaders and the best when it comes to selection and guaranteed float times of balloons and have been since 1986. Wow!!!!! Ever wonder why certain balloons float longer?

Because they are ours!!!!! True Fact.

We do balloon decorating if you so desire.


Balloon Wreath – $130 (approx. size 37″ round)



Balloon Garlands – $119 (including delivery to Stratford)



Party Supply Co Does balloons         Party Supply Co Balloon Decor







Hollywood Christmas Theme                 Home Show Décor featuring Metallic letters spelling out the vendors name

                                                                               with 11″ black and gold columns and a 36″ giant black highlights at top. $1000.


Balloon Decor Party Supply StratfordBalloon Decor Party Supply Stratford










                                Canadian Tire Listowel

Balloon Decorating Party Supply Co Stratford                   


London Airport Hangar Décor.                Giant L O V E Letters with 12″ blue balloon highlights $150. set

Puffy clouds and black basket

high flying red hot air balloons $1500.



We sell balloons and helium, just balloons and/or just helium.

Need an Air Compressor to fill your balloons with air? $22 (This air compressor will inflate balloons but they will not float like a standard bouquet)

An air compressor is what you require when filling balloons with air for balloon drop bags and any balloon work where you have a fixed frame or rods needed for balloon attachment. Columns and Arches are good examples.

Air Compressor Party Supply


Need Helium for your balloons? We can fill them for you or you can pick from our vast selection.

Squat blue top tank $82 ( fills 60 balloons depending on balloon size previous to inflation)

Tall Red Top Tank $60 (fills 40 balloons depending on balloon size previous to inflation)

Extender nozzle $10. extra and gives you up to an additional 30% more balloons.

Bring in your balloons and we will fill them for you. We also sell flat balloons or filled balloons.

Petite Tank 40+                     Squat Tank  60+

Helium Tanks available in 3 sizes. Ask about M size and Q size. Helium Tank Rentals

**Prices Subject to Change**

With helium prices continuing to rise, we also offer the option of air filled balloons.

Below are some stunning air filled balloon bouquets for your table top.

Other options and sizes are available, prices starting from $20.

Call to pre-order today and customize it to suite your party theme!





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