Jumpy Castles

  • There are 2 classifications for Jumpy Castle Rentals. Here are the differences.

Firstly the Public Event

Public Events are those events where you do not know how many people will be attending and invitation to attend the event is open to the community.

Private Events

A private event is an event where you have specific group of people coming and it would be by written or verbal invitation only. Your circle of friends and family or employees with children etc.


Jumpy Castles have become the name for a Jumper or Bounce House of any theme.

There are 2 sets of prices as the T.S.S.A. (the governing body) inspect all Jumpy Castles. After the inspection we are required to license each item that is used at a Public Event. There is a  separate price for these licensed items.

This emblem shown below confirms the jumper/bouncy castle/inflatable is available for a public event. 

Below are the images of our items and along side each item there will be an indication of it’s designation as a licensed item for Public Event and/or Private Event and the rental rate.

………and below is our current most popular inflatable

 6 in 1 Interactive  Fun House 15’L X 15’W X 15’H

6 in 1 Interactive has 3 theme banner options as follows: Noah’s Ark, Monster Truck and It’s a Girl Thing

or choose plain colors. ( the above mentioned $40 theme banner options are “no extra charge”

  Fun House Obstacle interactive 15’L x 15’W x 15’H 6 in 1 Fun House interactive.  Licensed for public events by the T.S.S.A.  $330.

5 hour private event  6 in 1 Fun House $299.


Jumper Castle Bounce House

Theme Banners are available at no cost for the above 6 in 1 fun house interactive.

Jumpy Castle Noahs Ark theme 6 in 1 interactive Monster Truck Theme 6in1 Interactive Party Supply Stratford Jumpy Castle 6 in 1 theme banner Party Supply Stratford

We set up, take down and take away of this 385 lb attraction.

This fantastic item features 1. basket ball option

2.  jumpy section

3.  tunnel.

4.  pop up maze,

5. climbing area

6.  slide


Catapillar Craze interactive 33’L x 14′ W x 10′ H

This item is fantastic for halls where you need a lower profile inflatable jumpy.

Party Supply Jumpy Rentals

Catapillar Craze  Licensed for public events by the T.S.S.A.  $255

 5 hour private event.  Catapillar Craze  $205

Includes 2 climbing areas, 2 sliding areas and 2 pop ups inside.

We set up, take down and take away of this of this 330 lb attraction.


17′ Sky Screamer Slide 34’L x 12’W X 17’H

Party Supply Giant Slide 17'

Giant Slide 17′ Licensed  for public events by the T.S.S.A.  $330

$300  5 hour private event.

We set up, take down and take away of this of this 430 lb attraction.


Frozen Jumpy 15’L X 15’W X 13’H

Inflatable Frozen Party Supply Co.

Frozen Jumpy  Licensed  for public events by the T.S.S.A.  starting at  $225. 

$175. 5 hour private event

We set up, take down and take away of this of this 200 lb attraction.

The following are available for private events only… NEW “KNIGHTS OBSTACLE”!!

4 pieces option as explained below.

Not yet licensed for public events in 2019

Giant 4 piece Obstacle Rental Obstacle Rental Party Supply Obstacle Rental. Party Supply. Giant interactive obstacle. Party Supply Obstacle 4 pieces in total PARTY SUPPLY INFLATABLE RENTALGolden Knight Obstacle Party Supply Rental


  • This custom built 2 lane obstacle for all ages will feature the following and is available in several configurations. The Knights Quarters, The Drawbridge Obstacle and the The water slide Tower Escape.
  • 50 feet of sensational fun where you can race your friends or just play among the following.
  •  an obstacle section featuring pop up climb through and columns
  • an obstacle section featuring pop up “+”s
  • crawl tunnels
  • tire step through
  • bouncy areas through out
  • horizontal rope noodles
  • horizontal rails to squeeze through
  • giant swing with pit
  • pop up “X”s


  • The 16′ Water Tower Escape slide is an adult only (12 and over) due to the slide height, climbing steepness and water that hi light this feature. It includes a 40′ sliding sheet  to maximize your incredible descent from the top in a “slide out” like no other.

A Party Supply team member is supplied to manage slider flow.


The above attraction will be available for private events in 2019. Licensing has not been confirmed yet. 


Knights Quarters” 

Private Event Children.  24’L X 10’W X 1O’H

 24’Long 5 challenges including pop ups, crawl throughs, slide, noodle barricade and doorway pop ups: $249. 

Inflatable Obstacle Knights Quarters
The Knights Obstacle series features 5 different challenges. This view shown from both ends.

Knights 5 Piece Obstacle


“Drawbridge Obstacle”

 Private Event Children.  26’L x 10’W x 15’H

  Complete with 5 challenges including giant swing, pit, bouncy area, pop ups and large climb through horizontal rails: $249. 

Inflatable Obstacle Drawbridge

Obstacle Inflatable Drawbridge Feature Knight
Drawbridge section of the Knight Obstacle.

Inflatable Obstacle Drawbridge and pit


“Knights Obstacle”

Private Event Children.  Both of above

50’L X 10’W X 10’H (AT HIGHEST 16′)

Features both of the above and a whopping 50′ long Knights Quarters Obstacle and Drawbridge Obstacle complete as seen below $449.

Jumpy Castle Knights Obstacle

Great for large family reunions, big backyards and private corporate parties.


Private event 12 and over adult rate includes 16′ Tower Escape waterslide and 40′ sliding sheet $449.

This section of the Knights Obstacle has a very steep climb to the top. Alcoholic beverages must not be consumed previous to enjoying this 12 and over adult water slide as serious consequences could be the result. A liability release form will need to be signed upon completion of our rental agreement.

Jumpy water slide steep climb
Inflatable water slide with 40′ slide out to maximize summer fun.
Inflatable water slide
Inflatable water slide for back yard or large area private events only. Total length is over 65 feet.

We deliver in town and out of town. Call us today for your quote.



Camelot Knights Castle  12′ L x 14′ W x 14’H 

Brand new and ready for private events like your backyard or rental hall, reunion or birthday.

Available now for your backyard party and is not yet licensed for public events.

                           Slide area                    Child’s eye view up the turrets         Front view with slide 

Jumpy Castle Bouncy Castle Jumpy Castle bounce house Jumpy Castle

Camelot Knights Castle private events only.  5 hour booking $225

Includes a climbing area and a 10′ x 10′ jumping are leading to the exterior slide.

We set up, take down and take away of this of this 260 lb attraction.

Perfect for Mario and Luigi party, princess party and many more castle themed children’s special occasions.


 Dalmatian Dog 12’L x 12’W x 14’H (age 10 and under)

Dalmatian Dog Bouncer perfect for Paw Patrol Party or 101 Dalmatians and only for Private Events.

$125. Private Event 5 hour  (age 10 and under)

We set up, take down and take away of this of this 200 lb attraction.


17′ Sky Screamer Slide 34’L x 12’W x 17′ H

Water Slide extraordinaire

 For Private Events only.

5 Hour Private Event  $300. Unavailable as a water slide.

We set up, take down and take away of this of this 430 lb attraction.


14′ Waterslide 30’L X 10′ W X 14’H

14' Water SlideJumpy Castles and Bouncey Fun

14′ Waterslide. A smaller version of the above.  Private Event only.

 5 Hour summer special $199.

We set up, take down and take away of this of this 230 lb attraction.


Highly sought after White Wedding Tent Bounce House for adults….and you could have the children try it too!

Private Events only.  Bachelorette parties and wedding receptions.

Actual size is 10′ across including upright pillars by 12′ H  x 12 L.   Riders 4 – 8 depending on rider size.

    Party Supply Co Stratford

Last booking we pick up 30 minutes before dusk.

Private Events only. $249. 

Could you see yourself in there? Thought so!!! It’s a party…….Bachelorette? Reception? 

We set up, take down and take away of this of this 200 lb attraction.

Adults and children are able to use this jumpy.


………and we have generators too! Need your jumpy up in a remote location.We can do that!!!! $60. an easy to move hand held Honda.

 Includes a full tank of gas. Propane generator version as well!

Smaller generators also available for cotton candy and popcorn machines in remote locations. $40.

Generator Rental Honda

Proud to display our sign, at your event.

Party Supply Co Lawn Sign

**Prices Subject to Change**

***All pricing listed above is NOT including delivery fees and taxes***