Glassware and Tableware Options


Champagne Flute 6.5oz.   $6. per doz

Wine Glass 6.5 oz.            $4.50 per doz.

Large Wine Glass 20 oz. (our fav) $8.95 per doz

Water Glass 9oz.               $4.50 per doz.

Pilsner Glass 16oz.            $8.95 per doz.

Rocks Tumbler  9oz.         $4.50 per doz.


Blush Goblet $ 7. doz

Blush Flute $ 7. doz

Blush Goblet Rental



Mingler Plate 7″ Round  $7.90 per doz.

(comes with notch in the plate to hold your wine glass while

the plate holds your appetizers.)


Our Premium Tableware comes in 3 options.

Dinner Plate 10.5″ Round         $5.50 per doz.

Luncheon Plate 8.25″  Round   $4.50 per doz.

Side Plate 6.5″  Round              $4.50 per doz.

Dinner Plate Square  $6.00 per doz. 

Soup/Salad Bowl   $4.50 per doz.

                                                                Rental Plates and table ware for weddings and special events.

        Party Supply Co Rental Tableware


Blush Colored Goblets and Flutes $7. doz

Mismatched Dinner Plates $6. doz

Vintage Mismatched Side Plates $ 6. doz

Tea Cups and Saucers $ .50 ea

Tea Pot  $ 2.50 ea

Vintage Tableware Rental


Gold Premium Flatware  Knives, Forks and Spoons $6.50 doz

Silver Premium Flatware  Knives, Forks and Spoons $4.50 doz.

Party Supply Wedding Rentals

Charger Plates $1. ea



   Premium Charger Plates $1.75 ea. Rope Charger Plates $2.00 ea 

Party Supply Wedding Rental

Gold Charger Plates




Rope Charger Plates



NEW!! Placemats in 3 different colors. Images coming soon!  $1. ea

Placemats for your wedding or special event


Creamer and Sugar   $3.50 set (coffee cup not included)

Coffee Cups $5. doz.


Paper Table Number Tent Cards 1 – 12 and 13 – 24 and 25 – 36 from $ 4.99 per package

Party Supply Co. table numbers


Steel Die Cut Table Numbers


Wrought Iron Table Centrepiece Stunner (floral not included)

Quantity 1- 2 @ $17 ea.   Quantity 3-8  $15 ea.   Quantity 9-15 $13 ea.

  Quantity 16 plus  $11 ea.

**Prices Subject to Change**

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