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Not all are wedding theme and not all general party theme but the purpose of these is to show the different variety of balloon uses and designs for your wedding or event and they can all be changed into colour themes that best suit your wishes. So many designs and options. We have been doing balloons for 34 years and we have literally sold over a million. Suffice to say we know balloons.  Kelly has taken professional balloon decor courses in Toronto and is ready willing and able to assist in any balloon decor you may need. Myself Brian, I have been doing balloons since 1986…really that long? uh huh and I have taught them everything I know. Well almost, and now they are teaching me : )

10″ wte balloon with 5″ balloon collars in a String of Pearl Arch as below $175 ea.  20′


11′ balloon head table Topiaries with Organza sheer as pictured below $295. set of 3

Blue azure metallic are stuffed inside diamond clear balloons.


General decor 11″ balloon String of Pearl Arch $140 ea 20′ 


11″ balloon size Topiaries with Sheer and 5″ balloon column $350.


Giant L O V E Letters with 12″ blue balloon hilights $150. set

Balloon Options Party Supply Stratford


17″ black, white and red Balloon Arch with curling ribbon cascades hanging below form this huge arch at CTC in Listowel. $195.

Balloon Decor Party Supply Stratford


Tropical Christmas Party Decor featuring metallic mylar Palm Trees. Nightscapes on the wall complete this magical evening. $2000.

Party Supply Co Does balloons


Home Show Decor featuring Metallic letters spelling out the vendors name with 11″ black and gold columns and a 36″ giant black hi light atop. $1000.

Party Supply Co Balloon Decor


London Airport Hangar Decor. Puffy clouds and black basket high flying red hot air balloons $1500.

Balloon Decorating Party Supply Co Stratford


30th Anniversary stage decor featuring 11″ balloon columns and #30 atop. $260.

Number Balloons and columns


Wedding Reception Decor with Giant Topiaries made from Mr and Mrs 36″ balloons $280

11″ pearlized balloons and organza cascading to the floor and pooling to a pearl 11″ and 5″ balloon combo base

Balloon Decor Head Table


Balloon Decor 34 years experience



Helium Tanks for Rent (call for current pricing  519.273.4353  Jess  or Nicole )

Petite Tank 40+                     Squat Tank  60+             Big Titan Tank 1000+

Helium Tanks available in 3 sizes. Ask about M size and Q size. Helium Tank RentalsHelium Tank Rentals



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