Lawn Ornaments



Birthday Crossing signs for any one from children to adults. Anyone with a special interest in railroad or train lore would find this a special lawn placing for their birthday or we just plain like it!!  $4. ea

Light on the top is for decoration only and does not flash.

Other crossing signs also available. Bachelorette, It’s a Boy, and It’s a Girl

Bachelorette Crossing, It’s a Boy and  It’s a Girl Crossing as well.


Also available are the traditional pink flamingo offering we have had for 32 years.  $1.75 ea.

or if you wish us to get up early $89 plus applicable Delivery if applicable and HST.

Sign extra @ $12.

We set up for you in town. We deliver out of town as well!

Birthday Lawn Flamingos


Call the team at the store 519. 273. 4353 or e mail  for your booking inquiry.

The Giant Lawn Cake (8′ tall) lights up the evening and the morning with it’s light package inside. Just plug it in, stake it and go. $38  or we will set up for you for $79. in town.

Lights up the entire lawn at dusk and dawn.

Giant Lawn Cake




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